Hot Frog Dual Body Tumbling Composter Review

Hot Frog Dual Body Tumbling ComposterIn order to get our garden going, we’re going to need dirt! Sure, we could go to Home Depot and buy some top garden soil by the bag full, but it expensive, and in our opinion, isn’t very sustainable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying bagged soil is cheating, but we have some time before planting season, so we decided to try our hand at making some homemade compost with the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter.

We reached out to our friends at Hot Frog, and arranged to try a few of their models. Don’t worry, we’re offering our honest opinion despite being offered a discounted or no cost trial unit. After working out the details, in a week or so, we had a gigantic delivery from UPS! Sitting on my doorstep one afternoon was a great project for our family!

Hot Frog Dual Body Tumbling Composter

The composter didn’t move during Hurricane Matthew!

The assembly for the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter was actually fairly simple and straight forward. With just a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench I was able to assemble the power coated metal frame. The instructions were easy to follow and I laid the pieces out before I attempted to put it all together. The frame itself is heavy duty, and once assembled felt very sturdy. In fact, it was one of the few things that didn’t budge from our yard during Hurricane Matthew! Once the frame was together, the chambers easily slide through the metal tubing. After that, it was easy to mount to the frame.

After just a few minutes of assembly, I moved the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter into its home and my 4 year old helped me load it up with the remnants of our garden. We added some Dr. Earth compost starter and we were on our way to making our way to recycling our yard waste!

While using the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter, we found that we love the idea of having more than one bin. This particular model would be perfect for a family with small to medium composting project. Because there are two separate bins, you can fill up one bin and allow it to cure while you begin to fill up the other side. When the composter spins, the material is broken up as it falls on top of the center bar. We’re looking forward to our first batch of completed compost soon, and in order to empty it, we plan on just sliding the entire unit over a tarp and turning each bin upside down. It doesn’t get any easier!

Hot Frog Dual Body Tumbling ComposterThere isn’t much I would change about the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter. I will say that I probably should have added a little bit of loctite to the bolts and nuts. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid I suppose. The only other consideration is the size of the sliding doors. if you’re planning on shoveling in material to compost, it might get a bit messy. You will want to cut your materials into small er pieces to make it easier to place in the bins. This will also help break it down quicker as well.

Special thanks to Hot Frog for providing us a demo model. We look forward to many seasons of making our own compost! If you have questions about the composting process itself, you’ll want to check out the book “Let It Rot – The Gardener’s Guide To Composting” by Stu Campbell. The book is a quick, fairly easy read that breaks down the basics of composting. It will make you chuckle, so you won’t get bored with it.

So where can I buy the Hot Frog dual body tumbling composter?

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