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Well where do we start? We’re a Florida family of 4 with one more on the way! When our sons were little we dreamed of giving them home grown organic baby food out of our raised bed garden in the backyard, but quickly found out we needed to know more about gardening before we could even begin to make baby food. After a rocky start, we decided to do another small garden project last spring with some Mr. Stacky vertical planters and we had some great success! Now we want to expand!

So what motivates us? In addition to being able to provide for the family, we have some friends that totally have this whole gardening thing down pat! They grow such exotic things like colorful carrots, swiss chard, and just about anything you can think of. They also have a great system to help with the harvesting. Instead of giving their kiddos an allowance, they help with the harvest. Each child has their own area in the family garden and when fruits and veggies are ready to pick, they buy the harvest from their little ones at market prices. We LOVE this idea! It teaches the little ones so many different skills and at the same time helps the family. Our tiny ones are a bit too young to really understand the value of money, but they can’t wait till “pickin'” day!

What’s in store for OurFamilyThyme.com? We’re starting out our garden in a fairly narrow strip in our backyard. On this 4 foot strip, we will try a variety of gardening techniques including vertical gardening, hay bale gardening, and hopefully some hydroponics as well. Along the way we’ll be exploring different ways of composting and can’t wait to tell you about some great companies and vendors that we have partnered with! Our goal is to bring you along for the growing experience as we grow some veggies and our family!

So that brings me to a very important point. Many of the links, videos, and articles may lead to affiliates, or sponsored blog posts. This is how we support our site and continue to bring you great content. All of the opinions expressed are that of our family, and we always promise honest feedback. This means that just because a company may have either provided a free or discounted product doesn’t necessarily mean the product will have a glowing review. We may receive either a portion of sales referred from our site, a flat rate per click, a lump sum for a sponsored post, or a combination.

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